2 more MPAs refuse affiliation to Suidani


TWO more newly appointed members of the Malaita executive government have denied accepting to be part of the MARA government.

The two MPAs are George Lomo and Simon Ke’ebo who reject claims made by the Premier Daniel Suidani of their appointment.

A statement published in this paper yesterday saw Suidani appointing the two MPAs, the MPA for Ward 27 (Kebo’o) as Minister for Climate Change and the MPA ward 12 (Lomo) as Minister for Southern regional Affairs on Monday this week to replace the ones that have resigned.

However, speaking to this paper yesterday the two said they have not been consulted over the appointment and what Suidani claimed is not true.

The two MPAs said when made aware of Suidani’s appointment, they made a response revoking the appointment.

The MPAs said they had already written to the Minister for Provincial Government Rollen Seleso and copied their revocation letter to the Speaker of Malaita Provincial Assembly, Deputy Provincial Secretary Malaita Province, the Attorney General, Permanent Secretary MPGIS and to the Premier as well.

“We do not want to join MARA as we do not have trust in Suidani’s leadership”, the MPAs claimed.

One of the MPA Geroge Lomo also revealed that he was with Suidani previously but was sacked by Suidani and now would not be possible for him to re-join the government.

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