Honiara and Japan’s Nishinomiya collaborate for a better, cleaner future


Honiara city’s poor rubbish and waste collection and management system could be a thing of the past as it joins hands with Japan’s Nishinomiya City.

Leaders of the two cities met earlier this week to cement ties and look forward to a future of working together.

Honiara city stands to benefit much from this partnership, with waste management being one of the top priorities.

Lord Mayor Eddie Siapu says Honiara city is honoured to have very this important cooperation with Nishinomiya city and looks forward to working together through environmental learning to achieve sustainable development goals and solve social issues facing both sides.

Mr Siapu highlighted this at the forum on Learning Ecological Activities Foundation (LEAF) Project report session of JICA grassroots programme in the presence of Mayor of Nishinomiya City, Ishii Toshiro.

The event was held at the Mendana Hotel on Tuesday.

Siapu said under this mutual exchange and cooperation, both cities declared environmental learning cities, there are areas of common interest which both cities can implement.

He said Honiara City Council (HCC) values such cooperation and looks forward to working with and supporting Nishinomiya.

“On behalf of the Honiara city Council, I would like to thank the Nishinomiya City for supporting the HCC with the waste collecting compactors as it really helps in waste collections.

“HCC is happy to have such assistance and thank full that Nishinomiya city recognised this,” Siapu said.

“Honiara City Council expects more tangible supports in wastes management as we continue to grow our partnership and collaboration.

“The Council continue to face challenges in maintaining its wastes collection vehicle fleet so is planning to get new vehicles.

“In addition, Honiara City Council expects to see people to people exchange as part of the implementation of the relationship with Nishinomiya City.

“Some Council employees should be given the opportunity to come and learn from the colleagues in Nishinomiya.

“We should also promote students exchanges to foster learning in environmental and related issues,” Mayor Siapu said.

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