Increase of small foreign food outlets questioned


NEW small Asian foreign food outlets developing in Honiara is raising questions to the legality of their operation.

Local concern has it that there should be a law in place for small outlets such as fish and chips to be operated by locals only.

They are querying which responsible authority is providing business licences to these new increasing foreigners now racing with the population of Chinese business people in the capital.

“Is it legal? Are they foreign investors? Or is there a process that they are operating under that is not understood,” concerned public asked.

They fear the increase of small foreign food outlets might affect locals who are struggling with their business markets in Honiara.

Having asked the Honiara City Council (HCC) Mayor over the queries, he referred to the Foreign Investment Board (FIB) to be in a position to answer such.

After days of querying, it is understood from the Ministry of Commerce, Industries Labour and Immigration Director of the Foreign Investment Division (FID) Mr Derick Aihari that they are yet to provide a statement.

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