Mamae, new Mayor

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Honiara City Clerk Charles Kelly, left declares the new Honiara City Mayor Wilson Maemae to the members of
the public on Monday. He won with 13 votes.

OUR new City Mayor is Wilson Mamae, Councillor for Ngossi Ward.

He polled 13 votes against Reginald Ngati, Councillor for Vura Ward who got six votes.

Those who casted their votes were 12 councillors, including four appointed councillors and three ex-officio.

Speaking at his brief declaration the City Mayor thanked all the people of Honiara City for having the trust in voting the 12 councillors for HCC.

He assured a good number of people waiting outside the Honiara City office that as councillors they will as a team fulfil the aims, objectives and the goals they have promised during their campaigns.

City Mayor Cr Wilson Mamae also assures Honiara residents that they will revisit all the functions and structures of the council in their four-year term.

He said details of what they will be doing will be discussed soon after his new executive is finalised and set for the first meeting.

Mamae is not new to the Honiara City as he has been a two-time councillor for Ngossi Ward in 1986 and 1988.

He is a teacher by profession who has been building his leadership as councillor and political appointee since 1993 until last year.

Meanwhile the appointed councillors sworn in yesterday are Speaker of Guadalcanal province Abel Arambola, Chief Charles Lesimoama, John Szetu and Nina Davis.

For the ex-officio attending, they are Douglas Ete (MP for East Honiara), Moffat Fugui (MP for Central Honiara) and Peter Araonisaka (Premier of Guadalcanal Province).

One of the ex-officio who was absent is Namson Tran the MP for West Honiara.

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