New Mayor to re-enforce litter bylaw

Guadalcanal Premier Peter Araunisaka, left and new City Mayor Wilson Maemae pose for photo.
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Guadalcanal Premier Peter Araunisaka, left and new City Mayor Wilson Maemae pose for photo.

NEW elected City Mayor William Maemae will re-enforce the Litter bylaw as his top priority to keep Honiara a clean city.

He said to achieve that he will strengthen the Council’s Law Enforcement team to be tough to enforce the Litter bylaw.

He was responding to a question on what he thought about many countries having described Honiara as one of the dirtiest towns in the South Pacific.

Maemae said Honiara will not be clean unless its citizens change their attitudes and start taking ownership and responsibility for the city.

He said his executives will create new steps to make Honiara a clean city and one of the step is to take a tough measure.

“We will reinforce the Law enforcement and they must be tough to do their duties,” he said


“My message to the people in Honiara is Honiara is our city and we must put our hands together.

“Nobody is to blame if we want to keep our environment clean,” he said.

The Honiara City Council (Litter) Bill 2009(the Litter Ordinance) was passed on November 24, 2009 assented to the Minister for Home Affairs on the same date and gazetted on March 12, 2010 under Legal Notice No. 16.

Litter Ordinance was created to keep Honiara City clean.

There are different categories, one is called “Minor Litter” this is when you throw a cigarette but, small plastics or a tin can on the street, the other category is ‘Major Litter’ this is when there’s too much rubbish in a bin and the bin can’t handle it.

The penalties for minor litter is $1000 while the penalty for major litter is $10,000.

It’s over 10 years and there seems little action has been taken to implement the bylaw.

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