Licensing committee for Beche-de-mer export not yet approved

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The Director of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Mr Edward

THE licensing committee to issue out beche-de-mer export licences is yet to be approved by the Ministry of Fisheries Permanent Secretary.

It must first be approved before it can screen applicants and issue out export licences to the successful bidders.

It is not understood how fast the approval will take place, however, Director of Fisheries Edward Honiwala reassures that licences will be issued out this week. This is confirmed by Mr Honiwala yesterday to Island Sun.

According to the Director, it is a formal internal process to guide the Ministry in complying with the Fisheries Act.

“Issuing out licences to businesses for export is expected this week. However, the licensing committee must be approved first by the Ministry’s PS before screening on applications takes place. It is a legal requirement,” said the Fisheries Director.

It is understood that only four companies will be permitted with beche-de-mer export licences, being part for the Ministry’s control measure in terms of monitoring and compliances.

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