What’s the big deal? Usual NRH practice to charge foreigners: Dr Houasia

National Referral Hospital
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By Alice Nantara

NATIONAL Referral Hospital top Orthopedic Dr Patrick Houasia has confirmed allegations by the Bulacan Integrated Wood Ltd are true.

Dr Houasia confirmed charging the sick expat according to the itemised charges shown in a copy of the invoice published in yesterday’s paper.

He also questions why the saga has been made a big media issue as it is ‘not the first time’ foreigners seeking medical attention are charged by the national referral hospital (NRH).

“It wasn’t the first time that the hospital placed charges on patients that are foreigners seeking medical attention and treatment.

“The rates are just as portrayed in the invoice with only minor adjustments to suit the kind of medical treatment that the patient requires.

“NRH doctors in charge of various wards do this all the time and the money we received directly went into a fund box that was purposely administered as a means of accessing needed items on short notice.”

He claims he was directed to collect the money and use it to pay for stuff that his ward desperately needed at that time.

Adding that the NRH system of restocking the theatre is always slow, which is why he sees the billing as essential and in good timing.

He even refers to the money from the billing as a blessing.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for BIW Ltd confirmed handing the cheque directly to Dr Houasia in person on August 31 this year.

Dr Houasia assures Island Sun that his ward has the records of how the money was spent as proof, but is not available for viewing at the moment.

Island Sun is yet to establish who and when the Pan Oceanic Bank Cheque No 218960 was cashed.

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