Zutu refutes allegations of bias tender selections


PROVINCIAL Capacity Development Advisor of Choiseul Provincial Government Korolyn Zutu strongly rebuffs accusations that it is the same contractors being usually awarded in the province.

She said Tender applications will close on March 12 next week as they will at the same time open tenders and have a Technical Evaluation Committee to go through all the forms to screen which applications fit the criteria.

“After this procedure then the Tender Board will do awarding to contractors from recommendations,” said Zutu.

“So the procedure is not based on a one man decision to be biased. Most people do not understand the process. It is a long process in which we do not just receive applications and do automatic selections.”

Residents of Taro Station and citizens of Choiseul province strongly raised concerns on what they term as usual unfairness over selection for contract Tenders.

They say it is the same group of contractors who are usually awarded with contracts while others never succeed when doing bids over and over again.

Provincial Secretary (PS) of Choiseul Province Mr Jeffery Pakipota when speaking to this paper also clarified in support with the provincial Capacity Development Advisor that provincial projects awarded to contractors depend on the evaluation process.

“Applications are guided by very strict criteria’s going through committee’s evaluation procedure for screenings and recommendations,” said the PS.

It is understood that despite of the Provincial Government’s clarification over awarding of tenders, some concern citizens of Choiseul province continue to suspect and accuse that there are always bias selection been made.


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