Zobule: scholars have obligation to contribute to society

Part of the students who graduated from KGVI yesterday.
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Every Scholar has the moral obligation to contribute to society which can make a difference to the world and improve life.

This was highlighted by Dr Alphaeus Zobule guest of honour at the King George Six graduation ceremony yesterday.

Dr Zobule in his reflection on the theme “Equipping, Resilience and Scholars” suggest the theme comes with responsibilities.

That means the responsibility of any scholar is to Acquire, Accept and Apply knowledge to make impact in life, add values, know how to do things and apply knowledge to help others.

Dr Alphaeus Zobule presenting the form six Arts Dux prize to Samuel Sisimia

He said a student who acquire knowledge about a subject is a scholar, a student who is awarded a scholarship is a scholar so therefore somebody who knows the subject well and acquire knowledge to be somebody who is knowledgeable in the subject is a scholar.

“So, every student and teacher in their own rights are scholars by definition so all parents and guardians have all the reason to be here to celebrate today,” he said.

He further elaborates that to acquire knowledge involves the pursue of knowledge, gain knowledge and more than that know how to do things.

Form seven students provide entertainment

He said to accept knowledge means to allow knowledge to make impact in one’s life, values, characters if knowledge is to make difference in the world it must make difference in the scholar. More than that it must be accepted in the heart, strengthen the attitude, character and shape a life

He said when Scholars apply knowledge it means to use it to benefits others like a student scholar applying knowledge to help others and a teacher scholar applying knowledge to help the students.

From left, Primrose Yanda, Wilmina Belo, Charlyn Andrew and Keren Jessy proudly display their certificates

By saying these he believes that every scholars have the moral obligation to contribute to the society and make a difference in the world to improve life.

“By that I simple mean everyone should make an attempt to make a difference in this world, in the society to improve life and that may involve second opportunity to those who don’t have the first opportunity, it may mean building something that can build the community, thinking of solution to issues and creating jobs,” he said.