YWPG takes lead in campaign against cervical cancer

YWPG members at the SIPPA clinic after their tests
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YWPG members at the SIPPA clinic after their tests

THE Young Women’s Parliamentary Group (YWPG) is again taking the lead in advocating to end cervical cancer.

The group did a group pap-smear test at the Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood Association (SIPPA) clinic on Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

This is part of their ongoing advocacy to end cervical cancer among women.

With the alarming rate of this type of cancer among Solomon Islands’ women it is a great concern to our society.

Looking back in history, the youngest to have developed cervical cancer is 18 years and as such YWPG is calling on all women who are in any sexual relationship to get tested.

Now it is much easier to do tests than three years ago. Tests are freely done at SIPPA and Kukum clinic where one get her results straight after.

Anything to do with reproductive health for men and women is still a subject not openly discussed and a lot of women find it difficult to come out.

“Some are just too busy with work and family life that they do not have time to get tested. Therefore, it is a great concern to us and we’re calling on all women again to take that step,” YWPG advisor, Marisa Pepa said.

The SIPPA clinic is open from Mon-Wed-Fridays for outpatients, so get tested and stay safe.

The Young women’s Parliamentary Group is a voluntary organisation under Parliaments Parliamentary Civic Education Department.

Its role is to nurture young women leaders, network with current leaders and given its location it aims to influence government policies and legislation not necessarily women’s issues only.

The group is headed by the Speaker of Parliament and Prime Minister. They have a five-team executive that manages the group activities.


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