Youths form ward comm ittees

Youths attended the ward youth formation meeting yesterday in Auki.
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FOUR wards in Malaita have established their Ward Youth Committees during a meeting yesterday in Auki.

They are wards one, two, 29 and 30.

The establishment of the ward committees is to fulfill the National Youth Council (NYC) policy under MWYCFA to have a bridge of youth committees or councils from community level up to the national level.

Malaita Youth Coordinator Francis Samo said the purpose of establishing the youth committees is to facilitate youth issues from community level through the chain of committees up to NYC.

Also for youth programs and activities planned at the national level to channel down through the committees.

He said the idea behind the initiative is by establishing pathway for voices and issues affecting youths in the country to bring to the national government and to be heard.

Samo said this is important as it will help national government through the ministry of youths (MWYCFA) for proper planning on youth programs and activities for the country.

He said so far only five wards in the province; ward 28, one, two, 29 and 30 have formed their Ward Youth Committees and they will require to form Community Youth Committee as the least committee establishment on the chain.

Samo also said that formulating the committees is also a platform to enable youths to organize themselves in their communities and wards to work with other relevant stakeholders like WDCs, constituency office and partners to address issues face.

He said the provincial youth desk was the responsible body for youths in the province and will continue to liaise between youth committees and NYC at the national level on youth issues.

Samo said after establishing these five ward committees, the Malaita Provincial Youth Council province has 28 wards yet to establish their Ward Youth Committees.

He said a total of 25 youth participants attended the meeting yesterday and formed youth committees for wards one, two, 29 and 30.

Samo said the youth ward formation meeting was supported by Malaita provincial office.