Youth retreat day-2 hits ‘high note’


Young leaders in group discussion.

DAY-TWO of the youth leadership retreat at the Ginger Beach in West Guadalcanal has hit a high note with young people participating actively in sessions about the qualities of leadership.

ON Tuesday, 30 young people took part in group presentations, discussions and activities about leadership.

Feedback from Tuesday’s session is summarised as ‘young people understand and identify with qualities of leadership’.

They also discussed corruption and its impact towards development of the country which at some point lower their pathway to opportunities such as education and employment.

President for Honiara Youth Council Mr Harry James Olikwailafa, who is a facilitator in the second day of the retreat, said from his overall observation he believes the level of young people’s participation really meets the expected outcome for yesterday’s session and agendas.

He said level of young people’s participation have hit a high note because their learning is not from a set of manual or toolkit, rather, it comes out from young people.

He also adds Interaction and engagement are the basis of learning which leads to participation reaches high note resulted in facilitator and young people appreciative of at the end of the day.

Olikwailafa said one outstanding aspect seen from young people participate in the workshop is they have passion to make change.

“The potential seen in these young leaders, it’s about passion to make change, which is the potential I see in these groups of people,” HYC President Mr Olikwailafa said.

Youth Development Officer for Honiara City Council, Mrs Mary Tuhaika said young people have spent whole discussing leadership, and idea is, to inspire and trained them become leaders.

She also adds the whole day was aim at finding leadership potential young people have and find attributes for a true leader.

Feed from young people, Mrs Tuhaika said the exercises and activities young people gone through has given them ways and insights of what it is to be a leader, important aspect of being a leader and important attributes posses to be a leader.

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