Young women join climate change fight


A group of young women under the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) Solomon Islands are on a two-day regional training to fight climate change.

President for Young Women Christian Association Solomon Islands Georgina Ariki said the training was organised because of the importance of Climate Change for Pacific Islanders in terms of its impact to the lives of young women and girls.

“Actually this training is more focused on climate change and young women. To make recommendation to have YWCA being part of this Shifting the Power Coalition in Fiji. That is why with that focus and interest on Young Women YWCA currently really has a focus on young women,” Ariki said.

She said this training is all about training young women advocators to become vocal points for climate change for women in the country.

Ariki said this is the second training. Participants of this second training were handpicked from the first training.

“We had a first training where we have a lot of participants coming and from that training we picked out six young women to become advocators for climate change,” she said.

This training is support by Shifting the Power Coalition in Fiji.

Participating countries are Solomon Islands YWCA, Samoa, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Vanuatu. These countries    were also part of the Shifting the Power Coalition.

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