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Young family bound for Canada

Tracy, husband Stephen and son Traven sharing their happy moment together.
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Tracy, husband Stephen and son Traven sharing their happy moment together.

A young family from Guadalcanal are living the dream of travelling and working abroad in Canada.

Guadalcanal Provincial Premier Anthony Veke officially handed over formal immigration and employment documents to Mrs Didivera Tracy at Guadalcanal Provincial Headquarters yesterday.

The small but significant handing over ceremony was witnessed by GP- Minister for Education Lazarus Rina, Minister for Women Patrick Koiolia, GP- Provincial Secretary Timothy Ngele and Education Division representatives in the presence of Mrs Didivera, her husband Stephen Didivera and their son Traven Savino Kokopu.

In congratulating Mrs Didivera on her fine accomplishment of being chosen to amongst other candidates, Premier Veke described her case as special and unique setting new milestone as far as GP-CITREC programme is concerned.

“Your case is special because not only your SINP confirmation (Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program) is contained herein this document, it also contains that of you husband and son. You all three are receiving your SINP confirmation today and thats something I’m proud of, so must you and your family and the province.” Veke announced.

Normally workers under GP-CITREC with SINP will have to apply for their spouse and children upon arrival in Canada, in Tracy’s case her husband and child are directly nominated under SINP, thus the documents handed over to the young family yesterday contains their ‘confirmation of SINP nomination’ and ‘SINP Work Permit Support letter’ for Mrs Tracy.

Veke continued that he expects the best from Mrs Didivera when she gets to work in Canada, be good ambassador of Guadalcanal province and the country.

“You husband will soon follow you to Canada and take up job there and your child will enjoy all privileges enjoyed by Canadian Children,” Veke expressed.

GP-Minister for Education encouraged Mrs Didivera to shine whilst in Canada as she is representing all women in Guadalcanal.

Holding back her tears, Tracy thanked Premier Veke for his continuous leadership with the GP-CITREC programme and thanked GP- Education division for their continuous work.

“Despite the length of time it has taken to finally get these documents, I understand the processes involved, the time and efforts by GP-CITREC officers and those in Canada is not easy, for that I want to thank you all,” Mrs Didivera expressed.

Tracy will soon leave for Canada and her husband and child will join her later. She was accepted to work as ‘Food Service Supervisor’ at global fastfood restaurant chain McDonalds.


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