Yes, we need strong leadership, says Wale


OPPOSITION Leader, Mathew Wale has supported the call for a strong leadership in the country.

Wale reiterated this call in support to Minister of Finance and Treasury, Harry Kuma who said “if Solomon Islands are to grow and develop into a society that is economically vibrant, sustainable and prosperous, then we must ensure there is political and economic stability and strong ethical leadership”. 

 “We desperately need it both at the political and administrative levels of government,” Wale said when contributing to the budget debate.

 “However, there is a disconnect between the rhetoric and reality,” he added.

“Our people do not trust government because of poor decision making that is perceived, rightly or wrongly, as compromised because of personal vested interests.

“We do need strong ethical leadership that is not afraid to do the right thing, as was pointed out by the Minister.

“We need such ethical leadership so that there is meaningful reform of the forestry sector, the minerals sector, and so on.”

Wale said national interests in these sectors have been compromised by our own government for other interests.

“So I agree wholeheartedly with the Minister that we need ethical leadership.

“We need ethical leadership to ensure that the determined value for logs is equal to the international market price.

“We need ethical leadership to ensure the determined price for bauxite ore is equal to the international market price.

“We need ethical leadership to ensure the meagre resources of the government are shared equitably, not on political affiliations and cold calculations,” he said.

“We need ethical leadership to not accept money from loggers and thereby be beholden to their whims and interests,” he added.

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