WPG urged to keep surplus

Provincial Member for Nusa Roviana and ward 16, Ramrakha Talasasa
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THE Chair of Provincial Public Accounts Committee has urged Western Provincial Government to establish a mechanism that would see excess revenues appropriated in the next financial year.

Provincial Member for Ward 16, Ramraka Talasa said Western Province has experienced excess revenue collection over the years but unpractical spending chewed the funds before end of financial year.

He said there is a need to improve control of divisional expenditures and proper planning so that divisional balance and overall balance of the appropriation is practical.

Talasasa said directives to reserve provincial funds must come from the executive as budget surplus should be identified rather than being absorbed by the daily operation of the government administration and appears as a mere figure.

“Excess revenue should be deposited in the reserve account rather than spent before appropriation.

“Section 17 of the Financial Management Ordinance requires a warrant from the Premier to move funds within division. There has been no copy of any warrant presented to the PPAC in the past where virements are carried out.

“Future Virements must be procedural and initiated by divisions rather than used as a mechanism to lessen budget over runs,” he said.

Talasasa said Provincial Public Account Committee identifies and recommends that unnecessary supplementary must be stopped, and better budgetary control and political will to comply with the applicable regulations with all divisions must be prioritised.

He said work relationship between the executive and the respective divisions required in the financial instructions and store instructions need to be reinforced.