Work on promoting health for schools Malaita



THE Malaita provincial health and education sectors combined to work on a healthy promoting schools concept for schools in the province.

In an interview, health promotion officer at Kilu’ufi, Mrs Nester Rara Houmola said coming up with the idea, the two bodies established a working network to pursue the initiative.

She said a committee was formed and its responsibility is to ensure the link is there and programme under the concept to be implemented.

Houmola said under the HPS concept, they are targeting six key factors as main areas to work on in schools.

“They include school health policy, school physical environment, school social environment, community link, action competencies for healthy living and school health care and promotional services.

“The mentioned key areas are just brief, however there are lot of health related areas in school captured under the key areas,” she said.

Houmola said as the programme will implement, other related areas explore will consider in the concept.

She said the Health Promoting School concept is an idea taken to ensure all schools in Malaita Province to be fully health promotional schools.

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