Wong encourages local students to study hard

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STUDENTS in Solomon Islands are encouraged to study hard in their education.

Australian Foreign Minister, Penny Wong made this encouragement when she visited King George Six school during her one-day visit to Honiara on 17th June.

“I want to say about education. I was born in Malaysia and I grew up in a country where my father used to say to me, “there’s one thing that I can never take from you and that is your education”.

“I hope you don’t mind I get the same lecture to some of your students today. So, you must study very hard,” she said.

Senator Wong said it is so important for any society, particular any country that is looking to develop and become more prosperous and stronger for there to be good education of the next generation.

“And that is why Australia and its people are so pleased to be able to work with you through your education department, through our programmes to try and support as we are for the education of the next generation,” she added.

Supervising Minister of Education and Human Resources, Fredrick Koloqeto confirmed the pandemic has affected the education of students and contributed immensely to study loss.

Senator Wong said the Minister is right that the pandemic has had enormous difficult effects on all parts of our societies, Solomon Islands, Australia and around the world.

She said one of the areas really hit hard is the education system.

“The Education has spoken, there is an effect on the education of young people.

“I acknowledge the work that your government is seeking on how to return students to school for the all-important opportunity to educate and blow their mind,” she added.

Students in the country have returned to their respective schools but must take covid 19 vaccinations.