Women in rural areas call for CDF awareness


Women in the provinces who have gathered for a week-long forum in Honiara have called on responsible authorities for the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) awareness to be done in rural areas within all provinces.

Speaking at the third day of the forum, Mrs Pricillar Meplo from the Temotu provincial council of women asks who the responsible person is to do CDF awareness in rural areas in the provinces.

“If only the responsible authority or person could identify potential women and men network that exist in all provinces and work together to disseminate information and advocate citizens on CDF.

“When we (rural men and women) access this information we can help advocate and educate rural dwellers because information is power that will help people to make good decisions,” she said.

Moreover one of the participants added there are many other reasons why they eagerly call for CDF awareness and these are some of the significant basis.

“For us to know the CDF scheme, when it was started, its background and history synopsis, where does the money form CDF come from, its goals and objectives and CDF budget and allocations to name a few,” uttered the participant.

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