Women leadership and peacebuilding workshop in central Kwara’ae



Francis Kairi, deputy director Malaita peace office.

THREE days of leadership and peace building workshop conducted for women in ward 29 in central Kwara’ae has successfully ended over the weekend at Faarau community.

The training was conducted and facilitated by the Ministry of National Unity Reconciliation and Peace (MNURP) Malaita desk.

The training is part of the ongoing process where the Government through its policy directives to deliver its services in terms through the Ministry by providing trainings such as this for rural women in Malaita.

The training integrates leadership, peacebuilding, trauma and mindset transformation with aims to empower local women leaders to become active participants in their communities and dealing with issues that usually affects them.

This training brought together over 30 women community leaders from ward 29 in Central Kwara’ae to gather at Faarau Village over the Easter Monday.

Deputy Director for the Malaita Peace and Reconciliation Office Mr Francis Kairi was the key facilitator of the training.

This is the first of its kind for women around this part of Central Kwara’ae according to a village elder who has highly commended the Malaita Peace office for choosing their region to be considered as the host for the training.

Many women have also echoed the same sentiment that this is the first of its kind to be held in their region.

“We never have trainings such as this before.”

“It opens up our minds and helps empower us women to make a difference in our communities and makes us feel that the government does recognise us as well,” one of the participating women said during the closing programme.

It was an emotional closing ceremony where many of the women said that this training really gave them a new perspective in life and they hope to carry the message back to their communities.

They expressed their sincere appreciation to the National Government who through the Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation & Peace, and Malaita Desk has made this possible for them.

This is also the last and the final training to be conducted by Mr Kairi as Deputy Director of the Malaita Peace & Reconciliation Office as he is retiring from the public service.

However, Kairi expresses that he will always be available whenever his services are needed by the Ministry.

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