Women council meet with World Bank



MALAITA Province Council of Women has recently held successful dialogue with representatives from the World Bank in Auki.

The dialogue was in preparation towards tackling some women issues which might arise during execution of Bina-Dala tar-seal road project, which is along the pipeline.

President of MPCW, Ms Martha Rurai said the idea behind the dialogue is to understand each other and work together on women related issues.

She said it was common for some forms of development happened the country that sometimes they carried along with them anti-social activities.

Rurai said a classic example was a report recently released by WorldFish on logging operation and related activity in Malaita province.

She said there were lots of negative deeds been reported and said to have been associated to this development.

Rurai said this is the concern World Bank wanted to work with MPCW to ensure such activities especially for women won’t happen during the execution of the project in Malaita.

“Now we started to organise ourselves to put up programme and work with women groups or organisations within area the project will be implemented.

“We’ll work with church women groups and community women groups to aware them on the matter, so they can pass it to younger ones.

“Our work was to inform girls and women to think positive and involve only in good activities to generate them benefits from the project rather than involving in odd activities for money or benefits,” she said.

Rurai said as they will provide awareness to women and girls, they will also pursue MPG to formulate set of laws to regulate the activity during the project.

She said this is to remain everyone that there is a law and everyone who engage or not engage in the project must abide to the law.

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