Women call to support saving schemes


AN outspoken female representative of the Auki Market vendors association Ms Janet Ramo has called on the 14 members of Parliament for Malaita to support and facilitate saving schemes for rural women in Malaita province.

She said not all villages have the benefit of having a women’s savings club and what is needed most is for women to have financial opportunities to involve in small micro business.

“Provide our saving schemes with necessary equipment and materials and conduct financial literacy and management skills.

“We have made this call because there have some successful stories on how the saving schemes had improved the livelihood of women with the benefits of schools fees have been paid and unfortunate children have now gone of school, homes are being extended and repaired. Food is on the table and social needs are meet and sanitation have been improved,” said Ramo.

The call is based on the Malaita Women’s Empowerment and Development Policy 2018 to 2022 policy outcome one which is to improve economic status of women and increased economic empowerment initiatives.

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