Woman gets counselling for domestic violence


A woman who had faced court for domestic violence has had counselling.

Court closed her case yesterday after receiving confirmation from the counsellor that Delight Mae had successfully undergone her counselling.

Delight Mae had been found guilty of domestic violence.

Court ordered that she went through 10 hours of counselling.

Yesterday, Mae told court that she had learnt a lot from the counselling, making her realise her mistakes.

On September 3, 2022, the victim and her husband were arguing about their own family issue when Mae interfered leading to an argument between her and the victim.

Mae then took a bush knife and used the flat side of it to whip the victim’s left side shoulder twice.

Mae then grabbed the victim’s basket and other belongings and threw them outside the house.

The following day Mae was arrested and dealt with accordingly.

Police Prosecution Department appeared for the Crown and Public Solicitor Officer appears for the defendant.

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