Woman facing assault charge to appear in court

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THE case against a woman facing assault will be mentioned again in court today.

The accused, Ms Roko, was initially charged with two other co-accused on another matter, and whilst on bail Ms Roko re-offended and was charged with an additional charge of assault causing actual bodily harm.

She then was remanded in custody for that matter.

The other case she is also alleged to have involved in was the matter which occurred in May last year.

On the previous occasion the prosecution told the court that the matter was a part-heard case and yet to be completed.

This is in relation to the case of Lionel Aenasi, Rachel Roko and other accused who was under warrant of arrest since he was released on bail last year.

The three accused were charged in relation to an incident which occurred on May 26 of last year where Roko, wife of the victim, was angry because of her husband did not return home after work.

The two pleaded not guilty to the charge against them and a trial date was set.

The victim was a bus driver. On May 25 last year he did not return home but went out drinking with his friends.

It was when the husband came the next day that the wife expressed her anger and both argued over the issue.

Police said that from that argument Roko left their house and returned with five of her relatives in a car.

Police alleged that the men were armed with bush knives and one of them with a kitchen knife. The victim was asleep but was woken up by Roko calling for him to open the door.

He then opened the door and the wife went into the house and grabbed one of their children.

It was during that time when the woman got out of the house her brothers went inside and attacked the victim and stabbed the victim in the right eye.

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