Will strata developments be culturally adaptive?


QUESTIONS have been raised by the Bills and Legislation Committee (BLC) on how culturally adaptive strata developments will be in the proposed strata titles bill 2017.

The questioned was raised by the Leader of the Independent Group Hon Dr Derek Sikua, a member of the BLC.

The BLC has been conducting inquiries into the strata titles bills 2017 this week straight after Parliament was adjourned on Monday this week.

Technical Advisor Allan McNeil then responded to the committee that Solomon Islanders are attuned to the cultural aspect of living.

This is being accustomed to having outdoor time in their kitchens, gathering outside together and rarely always indoors.

“Right now it will be more of a planning and building question rather than a strata development question and the way the buildings are built to suit this type of living,” McNeil said.

He then added that many people around the world who have been directed into strata developments who too are outdoor social people have all well adapted to strata developments.

The Ministry then said the strata development scheme is voluntary in terms of design and will be up to fixed termed owners to have culturally aspects maintained in a modern context or not.

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