Wife declines to pursue case against husband


THE wife of a man facing charges of rape and assault causing actual bodily harm expressed reluctance to pursue the case against her husband.

The alleged incident took place on March 20, 2015, at the defendant’s residence in East Honiara.

Despite the gravity of the charges, the wife, now in a harmonious relationship with her husband and caring for their daughter, opted not to proceed with the legal action.

During yesterday’s trial, the prosecution failed to inform the court of the wife’s intention to withdraw the case.

The court only became aware of this when a witness, the wife, stated her desire for the case to be dropped due to their improved relationship.

The wife informed the court that the incident occurred in 2015 when they were still in a relationship, but they are now married, and she no longer wishes for the case to continue in court.

High Court Judge Justice Maina cautioned the prosecution for not disclosing this crucial information earlier, emphasizing that it is a waste of time to proceed with the trial when the intention to withdraw was already apparent.

Meanwhile, Public Prosecutor Patricia Tabepuda highlighted the office’s adherence to a strict NO-DROP policy. According to this policy, matters reported to the police and already before the court must be prosecuted.

 Justice Maina adjourned the case to today for further discussion.

Public Prosecutor Patricia Tabepuda appears for the crown while Ben Alasia is representing the defendant.

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