Wide spread of covid-19 irks Premier Mesepitu

Western Premier Christian Mesepitu
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Premier of Western province has voiced his concern over reports of covid-19 community transmission extending to the villages around Gizo.

Premier Christian Burley Mesepitu says he is concerned covid-19 cases have been found in these communities.

He says this shows that covid-19 has spread more than authorities know of.

Therefore, he calls for mass swabbing in Gizo and the surrounding communities.

“I was informed that some COVID-19 patients are from our nearby communities in outskirt of Gizo. This is a huge concern that need our cooperation,” he said.

Mesepitu believes that the virus has invaded some communities without health officials’ knowledge.

He said mass swabbing in communities is a huge need to determine the presence of the virus.

Mesepitu said the situation in Gizo not only put Gizo residence at risk but also people who travelled to Gizo.

He said people must take extra precaution when travelling to Gizo as well as Noro and Munda.

“I want reiterate my previous call to the general public that inter-island travelling is prohibited unless you have very good reasons.

“I’m deeply disappointed to hear few people have been breaching this regulation. If you are living in Noro, Munda or Gizo, please don’t travel to other islands. Be responsible and respect others,” Mesepitu said.

He calls on Western Populace to continue to adhere to COVID-19 public and health measures.