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Gov’t defends replica gun shipment


THE Government has defended the shipment of China-donated “replica guns” brought in by a logging ship recently.

Police Commissioner, Mostyn Mangau said the shipment came on a logging ship because the consignment of riot gears is “quite huge”.

He said why the cargo was loaded in the boat is a matter for other agencies to answer.

Chief of Staff Robson Djokovic said Solomon Islands has requirements for international ships and vessels.

“We have requirement for international ships and vessels,” Djokovic said.

“Despite questions regarding convention and movement of weapons, the point to make is these are not real weapons, but for training purposes,” he added.

“These are replicas and therefore can’t be fired and used as real weapons. So, it is impossible to use live round to discharge.”

Djokovic said the training equipment were put in a logging ship because we are in a crisis period in which even emergency supplies and materials for the Pacific Games came in logging ships.’

Furthermore, he said the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force are working to build public confidence through its media unit.

A question was also put regarding the Firearms and Ammunition Act which Section 40B(1) states (in part):

‘No person shall import into Solomon Islands or sell or display for sale any imitation firearm in any place in Solomon Islands.’

Kabui said the scheme of the Act is for people to apply for licence, but of course you can take it up to court.

He said the Act applies to individual persons.