‘Why the delay?’

Prepared facility: Basketball court ready
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Renbel province questions Gov’t and Home Affairs over continued delays in funding for Solomon Games


THE Premier of Rennell and Bellona province is questioning the national government and its Ministry of Home Affairs why funds to complete preparations for the Solomon Games continues to be stalled.

In a media statement, Premier Collin Singamoana reminds the national government, “The Renbel Solomon Games Task Force and LOC had done all that was required by NOCSI and the national government amidst time constraints and many challenges to qualify Renbel Province to be allowed to host this year’s Solomon Games.”

However, after the final assessment of sports venues and facilities and the supporting components of the Solomon Games that includes transportation, accommodation, catering, protocols, medical, media, security, ceremonies, entertainment and community participation, that was jointly carried out by the NOCSI, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Solomon Games LOC on October 15 and 16, who confirmed in their report that Renbel Province is ready to host this year’s Solomon Games, the chairman of the Renbel Taskforce, Premier Singamoana, questions why the Ministry of Home Affairs is delaying the release of the final tranche of funding that would have enabled the Renbel Organising Committee to host this year’s Solomon Games this month.

Prepared facility: Basketball court ready

Singamoana further explained that this year’s Solomon Games was scheduled to take place from November 26 to December 7, 2018. However, the ongoing delays of funding by the national government through Ministry of Home Affairs has put the games hosting dates in jeopardy once more.

It is understood that the joint report by the assessment team that includes representatives from NOCSI, Ministry of Home Affairs and the Renbel LOC along with the submission by the Renbel Solomon Games Taskforce and Organising Committee was submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs in late October to be forwarded to the national government cabinet for deliberation and funding two weeks ago, but from information received this report and submission is yet to arrive at the cabinet, which thereby resulted in the further delay of funding to secure support services, equipment and goods that will enable the Solomon Games to go ahead as planned.

“So while the Renbel Solomon Games Task Force and Organising Committee are grateful to the Prime Minister and his Deputy, Cabinet ministers, members of the government caucus and government officials in the Ministry of Home Affairs for their continued support for Renbel province to host the much anticipated national sporting event, it questions why the government keeps on delaying financial assistance towards the hosting of this event.”

The delay has forced the LOC to quickly convene an urgent meeting last week to look at alternative dates when the Solomon Games can be hosted in anticipation of any further delay in the release of funding.

Rugby field ready

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Renbel Solomon Games Task Force thanks the provinces Choiseul, Isabel, Makira, Renbel and Honiara that had maintained their support and intention to participate in this year’s Solomon Games, and further thanks Western province and Guadalcanal province for reconfirming their participation late last week and on Tuesday this week in the upcoming Solomon Games in Renbel.

He assured athletes from the provinces and Honiara, officials and technical officials from the national federations, guests that will be attending the games and the general public that Renbel province is ready to host and that his people are ready to receive everyone that will be involved come the actual games; how soon is reliant on the possible release of funding by the national government.

Premier Singamoana is calling on the Ministry of Home Affairs that represents the national government to empathise with the hard work and efforts that his Taskforce and the Renbel province as a whole have invested in preparatory work that had enabled the completion of necessary facilities and supporting components for this year’s Solomon Games, and help push for funding to be made available as soon as possible so that the games can go ahead.

The sports that had been confirmed for this year’s Solomon Games include athletics (track and field), basketball (5v5) and (3v3), boxing, futsal, lawn tennis, netball, rugby 7s, rugby league 9, soccer (men), swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, and touch rugby, volleyball (indoor and beach). Exhibition sports includes triathlon and weight lifting. Para sports includes athletics field events and table tennis.


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