While focusing on covid-19, normal health services will still be delivered: McNeil

Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Pauline McNeil.
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WHILST the Ministry of Health is focusing its work on coronavirus-19 Preparedness and Response Plans, normal health services will still be discharged.

“While we are working hard on our preparations and response plans on covid-19 our other core business of health has to continue,” said Pauline McNeil Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Health.

McNeil said the ministry’s normal health services or other core programmes will still run. Like NCD is still a major issue in the country but their team is also ensuring that it is attend as according to their Annual Operation Plan (AOP) activities for this year

“So, we have the AOP 2020 but at the same time we have the Preparedness and Response plan (PRP) to also implement so actually we have two plans to implement back to back for this year.

“So, in terms of NCD its programme is ongoing in terms of trainings at the provinces, our other key programs on RWASH is still running, so, as the rural water supplies and sanitation is running in provinces and immunisation programs is still continuing.

“So we don’t lose sight on those core programmes of the ministry of health, it is constant like I said we have two plans to work on back to back and that’s our normal AOP and on top of that  we have to also ensure the activities of PRP delivered at the same time,” she said.

Jimmy Rodgers, Permanent Secretary to Prime Minister, adds that the Ministry Health had briefed caucus on covid-19.

“I would like to point out is this covid-19 outbreak had drawn one silver lining and the silver lining is that it has given health resources now to develop every provincial health services.

“Facilities in provincial hospitals and Area Health Centres (AHC) have been supported by ministry of health with the money coming in to support our covid response.

“Every health facilities at the provincial level both government as well as run by churches for the first time will be slowly improved so the country will have much better facility.

“We cannot thank covid for that but there is a silver lining that all disaster had a little benefit and so covid19 gave a little opportunity to improve health services int the country,” he said.

The above-mentioned statements were made at the latest radio talk back show in Honiara.