When will poor road condition in Auki be addressed?



The poor road condition currently experience in Auki town.

A resident in Auki has requested responsible authorities and leaders to let public know if they have any plans at all to address the serious road problems in the province.

Travelling public in Auki are crying out their suffering of this particular problem, which is affecting them in many fronts.

The man, who requests anonymity, says this appeal for authorities to come clean with their intentions is an age-old request, and that he is just merely echoing what many in the province are asking of their leaders.

He said the current poor road condition experienced in Auki is getting worse by the day, and more and more people are falling victims to it.

The man said potholes are everywhere on the road and more roads are becoming impassable to even large vehicles such as three-tonne trucks.

He said the serious status of roads currently faced in Auki came about after weeks of rain recently experienced in the provincial town.

Thus, the man said the issue seems traditional to roads in Auki and nothing tangible so far made to address the issue as yet.

He said people’s alarm was if the bad weather currently experience in Auki continues, it will get the road to its worse.

The man appealed to responsible authorities and leaders not just to be ignorant to this very important issue, but do something about it.

He said the travelling public in seems to be tolerant with the issue now as they continue to face, but that’s not the quality service they deserve.

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