What is driving constituents from their constituencies?


Voters registration for the 2019 NGE now on process in Honiara and the country as a whole.

CONSTITUENTS are now reported to be re-registering in other Constituencies because of no longer having trust in their own Constituency pointing directly of being fed-up of corruption.

If people are switching constituencies then such twist from citizens indicate that something is not right in the level of governance in Solomon Islands establishing call on the table for observation and answers to this population move in election process for Solomon Islands new leaders in the future thus, the upcoming term period for the next National Government members.

To add to concern raised, the expected scene of youths who have just turned 18 years old to be seen dominating the registration booths is quite the opposite in Honiara now heading into day three of the voters registration process.

“It is the elder and mature people yet who are the ones dominating registration booths,” raised Benjamin Mana an outspoken local who openly shared personal views of his and on behalf of other locals.

“Whether they may have not voted during the past or are just updating their registration ID cards who knows, but it seems that the whole process leading to the 2019 NGE need all collective cooperation in order to expect it to be a fair and credible one.

“Many people no longer have trust in their Constituencies as a result from observations on the types of corruptions and poor leaderships and services that usually take place in their society which we cannot blame them for their decision makings.”

Meanwhile, the recent revised Electoral Act has significantly increased penalties for election related offences prior to the 2019 NGE.

These penalties range from fines within $10,000 for less serious offences up to $150,000 or serving 15 years imprisonment for the most serious Offence committed.

According to Solomon Islands Electoral Commission’s (SIEC) Chief Electoral Officer Mr Mose Saitala, it is important that candidates and voters comply with these rules prior to and during the coming NGE as the new law is part of the Electoral reform programmes undertaken by the Electoral Commission to improve election processes in ensuring freeness, fairness and credibility.

It is understood from the country’s social media Forum posts that constituents are called upon by community leaders to keep watch for corruption practises in order to have a fair processed election for the 2019 NGE seriously, for the sake of Solomon Islands future to have a better one.

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