Western Provincial Assembly Meeting 2pm today

Set-up of Speaker's Chamber at Imagination Island Conference Room.
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WESTERN Provincial Government will sit for their quarterly Assembly Meeting today at 2pm.

Provincial Members so as head of divisions have arrived at Imagination Island for the very important session.

Speaking to the Media yesterday, Speaker of Western Province, Adrian S Gina said the Assembly meeting is a normal process where provincial assembly meets to debate and appropriate the supplementary budget for the second and first quarter of 2022.

Seats for the Assembly Meeting

He said members will debate on expected budgets that would cater for service delivery as well as incomplete development plans.

Sina adds that the Assembly Meeting has been challenged with political upheaval following a failed Motion of No Confidence which was launched against the present government of Western Province.

However he said, the Assembly will continue with a hope that leaders will address the issue between themselves.

“The important thing here is, how we can provide the needed services for our people. Dragging the political issue will boycott no only the government of Western Province but also delay the budget allocation that would see services and development continue,” Sina said.