Western province urged to increase revenue collection



THE Western province government has been urged to increase its revenue collection to make up for ‘lost’ funds from the national government.

Provincial Member for ward 16, Ramrakha Talasasa, speaking during the sitting of the provincial full Assembly for the supplementary budget 2017-2018 on Monday this week, advised the house to seek other potential areas from which the province can gauge revenue.

“I am sure our treasury division is working closely with the out stations in further improving this matter,” he says.

Meanwhile, he adds that incurring a recurrent deficit, is not very assuring, especially taking into consideration the timing of the tabling of this midterm review which would be a disadvantage for the assembly to constructively debate on.

“Given the fact that there is only 48 hrs between the revised appropriation and the Budget Proper for 2018/2019 which not make much of a difference on the government’s position to effectively adjust its own work plan it its effort to improve on assembly recommendations.”

He said unutilised divisional heads raises issues of productivity and these divisions functioning to the best of their capacity.

He suggests the need for further review on their work plans and commitments.

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