Western province continues with forward looking policies

DEAR EDITOR, the Western Provincial government continues to make some bold steps to improving the environment having announced a ban on plastics to be enforced in the province very soon, the upgrading of the Gizo Market and now, according to a report in the Island Sun newspaper on May 4, resurrecting six provincial farms to improve the province’s agricultural sector and assist local farmers.

Agricultural development to increase the productive capacity of the agricultural sector is a powerful way to help people meet their food needs and it is very much hoped the national government will assist with funding.

Investing in small-scale farmers and rural development can improve global food production and safeguard the environment.

As the Western Province Premier was reported to have said in the Island Sun story, “There are significant challenges for surrounding islands in the province especially for copra farmers in Ranonga, Vella la Vella. Kolombangara and Rendova who have to transport their copra to markets in Gizo and Noro.”

In any new farming plan envisaged by the Western Province Provincial Government, providing access to markets to enable farmers to transport their produce to where the consumers or buyers are, at minimal cost with minimal waste and earn a profit will be essential, but costly due to the road infrastructure requirements.

I wish the Western Provincial Government much success with the envisaged farming plans for when farmers have the right conditions to succeed; they can contribute to higher food production and to safeguarding the environment.

Yours sincerely


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