Western province collects basic rates

By Mike Puia


FOR the first time the Western provincial government will collect basic rates.

Capacity prevented the province from collecting basic rates in the past years resulting in the province losing huge revenue.

According to the Provincial Secretary, Jeffery Wickham, the province now has people to collect basic rates, which means the province is expecting an increase in its revenue collection.

“The province has been unable to collect basic rates in the past because it had no one to do the job. Now, we have people,” Wickham said.

Wickham said someone will be responsible for collecting basic rates in Gizo and another will responsible for collecting in Noro and Munda.

He said around end of June, the provincial government will issue a notice to the public, groups and entities concerning this basic rate.

Wickham said this rate will be paid to the provincial government.

He said those who fail to pay this rate could face the courts as this is a violation to the provincial ordinances.

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