West public told to vote wisely

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PEOPLE of Western province are being urged to vote wisely this coming national general elections.

A Mr Andrew Koke told Island Sun Gizo yesterday said, “Most leaders are prioritizing decisions depending on their self-interests.”

“We need great leaders with performance, character and they have vision, courage, integrity, humility and focus along with the ability to plan strategically and catalyze cooperation amongst their people living in rural areas.

“Great leaders have a vision and they can see into the future. They have a clear, exciting idea of where they are going and what they are trying to accomplish and are excellent at strategic planning to lead our provinces.”

Western Province Registration Manager Christian Siale, the revising Officer (RVO), will travel to Honiara to handover all the registration data and materials to the SI Electoral Office for the finalisation of the Voters List and it is envisaged that this process should be completed by the end of this month for both Western and Choiseul provinces.

“Therefore, the responsible Ministry and National government will set the date for Western and Choiseul Province,” he said.