West motion successful with 17 votes

WPG MPAs and Clerk far left who attended the meeting yesterday
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Assembly meeting challenged again


WESTERN Provincial Government has successfully tabled the motion of no confidence against Premier David Gina yesterday.

The motion received a total of 17 votes in favor of the motion, one abstain and 8 members recorded as absent for not turning up for the meeting.

Western province has a total of 26 Members of Provincial Government.

Presenting the motion, Mover of the Motion, Brisbane Amatore listed five reasons which he believed there is a need to change the leadership of Western province.

Reasons listed includes conflict of interest and lack of transparency and accountability.

According to Presiding Speaker, Ramrakha Talasasa, the assembly meeting was held to satisfy the court order given by the High Court.

He said majority of members of provincial government turned up in response to the call by the court.

“We are here today to satisfy the court order which scheduled the assembly to meet today.

“Furthermore, we have completed the motion of confidence against the Premier in response to the agenda set forth by the court order,” Talasasa said.

Island Sun understand that there is a notice of adjournment coming from the office the Speaker of Western Province last week informing provincial members that there will be no meeting yesterday.

However, 17 members turned up for the meeting and assembly was resumed only to be presented by a court case presented to the High Court for an interim order to be made in response to failure to adhere the “Adjournment Notice” given out by the Speaker’s office last week.

A copy of the case was presented to members of provincial assembly who attended the meeting during their lunch break yesterday.

It is unclear where the decision is heading to at the moment and it is likely that the Ministry of Provincial Government will step in again to clear the air.

From the meeting yesterday, members uttered that the motion has been moved and successful in the floor of assembly with plans to establish the new provincial executive in the coming days.

This paper was not able to get comments from Premier and his party. Opportunity will be given to make sure they respond to this article.