West Kwara’ae man calls for ‘action leader’



A man from West Kwara’ae has called on voters in West Kwara’ae to elect a ‘person of action’ for the constituency in the upcoming general elections.

Mr Nathaniel Maegwari in his call said the constituency continues to suffer under past successive leaders, adding if people continue to vote blindly then they will continue to suffer.

“All can see is leader (MP) continue to put focus on strategy to continue their reign in power and nothing on development in the constituency as they should.

“Voters also continue to brainwash with sweet talks and after all those words are just words themselves without actions,” Maegwari said.

Maegwari said people should vote for somebody who can develop the constituency.

He urges people to look to their leaders for economic developments in the constituency and not for bag-rice, schools fees etc.

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