West Kwara’ae chief calls for understanding



A call was made by a concerned chief from Central Kwara’ae for chiefs who attended a consultation meeting on land reform draft held at Buma in West Kwara’ae earlier this week.

Chief Ashley Mae said the consultation meeting on draft land reform conducted on Tuesday this week is very important for tribes and people in their communities.

“But I appeal to our local chiefs that attended the consultation to understand well the draft so that we may implement it in a rightful and a proper way.

“I notice that some of the chiefs that attended the consultation this week were so calm and silenced when the draft has been tabled.

“In my observation most land issues has been ruled unfairly by our chiefs when it comes to corruption dealing.

“We need chiefs with wisdom mindsets when dealing with land settlements.

“I understand that only chiefs from ward 29 in central Kwara’ae, west Kwara’ae and Langalanga attended the consultation.”

The meeting was conducted by the ministry of national unity reconciliation and peace (MNURP) including Peter Boyers and Francis Waleanisia.

The same consultation was also conducted at Malu’u on Wednesday this week.

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