West Honiara residents against city chaos


COMMUNITIES in West Honiara have come out in numbers to help protect buildings and other infrastructures within the Central Business District and areas close to them.

Communities within the area today showed solidarity by working alongside with fellow police officers to look after half of the Honiara city spared from the destruction and looting seen east of the capital.

One of the youths when speaking to Island Sun said the lawlessness happening and people resorting to violence and destroying infrastructures is not the way of resolving issues.

“Our innocent people, elderly, mothers and children are now affected because of this situation.

“All communities in Honiara should come out and condemn this action, because it will not do us any good, yes we are not happy with our leaders on whatever decision they made but the situation we are facing now is just too much”, the youth member said.

 However, he also called on leaders as the situation is continuing and why not the leaders come out and solve the problem rather than hiding away from what is happening.

The youth member also called on youths involved to refrain and stay from problem as engaging in such activities has no benefits.

Unhappy youths and protesters have burnt down buildings including Schools, Businesses houses, Banks and shops in the East and Central since Wednesday and is currently continuing.

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