West Gizo celebrates culture and history with environmental theme

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THE annual Ijo-Maringi Festival will be held in West Gizo commencing today October 12 – 14, at Saeragi Village.

The festival celebration aimed at raising consciousness among the community on the environment, livelihood and development.

With the theme ‘Conserved Culture Conserves Environment’, this festival will bring together communities from Gizo and surrounding islands to celebrate this event.

Ijo Maringi festival is a pride for the community as it celebrates their Culture and History.

Chief William Giroi said the highlights of the Ijo-Maringi festival will be a group parade, women cultural performances, sea games, sporting activities, men cultural performances; environment awareness program that includes environment events, information dissemination, and reef cleaning up program.

“Ijo-Maringi festival has grown so far since its introduction back in 2016.”

“It has been described as one of the successful event being organized till today which attracts a lot of participants, tourists and visitors around the globe,” said Giroi.

The festival will conclude with a combined ecumenical fellowship on Sunday 14th October.

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