West clears $17m debt


WESTERN Province Premier Wayne Maepioh confirms their investment arm debt of $17million with a Philippines fishing company in joint venture during the past has been cleared.

The Philippines fishing company in joint venture with the Western Province Investment Corporation had left this debt-task being one of the many debts that the current WPG were struggling to clear.

“WPIC’s Investment Arm’s current group have just finally cleared a lot of Western Province debts for companies including the $17 Million owed by the previous provincial government,” said Mr Maepioh.

“Over the last 12 months we have been working very hard to overcome these debts.

“We have been struggling to clear these debts being caused by the previous provincial government which has been quite a mess.”

The debt from the fishing company joint venture according to a reliable source recently within the provincial government was mainly on fuel at Noro Town the fishing company owed to suppliers SPOL, Markwarth and Silent World companies.

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