We are doing our best: Commissioner

Commissioner of Royal-Solomon Island Police Force Matthew Varley
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POLICE Commissioner Mathew Varley said police are doing their very best to execute warrants of arrests issued by the court.

Mr Varley in response to a question in relation to the delay of the execution of warrants issued by the court says he do understand the criticisms but sometimes it is difficult to locate the wanted person.

“We do our very best but I know there is some where we need to work hard on”, Mr Varley said.

He said sometimes police were faced with challenges due to logistics and availability of resources as people often fled to the remote locations and that makes it difficult to do follow up.

He said the Director for Police Prosecution has been working hard with the courts because there have been a number of warrants that were quite old and had been working with the courts to work out whether some of those warrants are to be retired or withdrawn.

However, on the current warrants, police are working very hard and it is a challenging issue.

“I wish I had more police to follow up on them and we do our best with what we have and I heard the criticisms of the Magistrates in the Courts”, Mr Varley said.