Australia supports project to deliver clean drinking water in Northwest Guadalcanal


Fifteen communities in Northwest Guadalcanal will soon benefit from water tanks under a project jointly funded by the Australian Government in partnership with North-West Guadalcanal Development Association (NWGDA).

Under the project the selected communities will receive one 5000-litre tank fully installed with solar panels and pumps to access borehole water.

The aims to provide clean and safe drinking water to thousands of people in the Northwest Guadalcanal Constituency to access water from borehole to fill up tanks when there is no rain.

The delivery of the project was made possible through, the Northwest Guadalcanal Solar Pump and tanks project under the Australian High Commission’s Community Partnership grants.

The Australian High Commission has contributed SBD$158,517 approximately AUD$28,096.78 towards the project whilst NWGDA contributed SBD$120,000.

The recipient communities were selected from two wards in the constituency, Sahalu and Tandai wards.

Chairman of NWGDA and Project Coordinator for the project Mr. Simon Chottu acknowledged the support as gift from NWGDA and Australia Government to the people of Northwest Guadalcanal.

“This one will be a big project because it’s a partnership project where we have association with the Australian government where we work together on this one.

“It’s not a small coverage, it covers both wards in Northwest Guadalcanal Constituency, the Tandai and Sahalu wards from Kusika community in Northern end of the constituency to SINU Valley in the East.

“So mostly we covered nearly all the major villages inside of Northwest Guadalcanal and 15 villages. It’s not even half of the villages in Northwest Guadalcanal, we have around 117 villages inside Northwest Guadalcanal.

“But the villages that we targeted are the major villages where they can also provide resources to the smaller villages to also have access to clean drinking water from the tanks.

“These water tanks will be installed with solar panels and pumps to access borehole water when there is no rain to fill up the tanks.

“It will be accessible to everyone inside the community and the surrounding community as well. It targeted silent majority inside the community.

“We will try to make it accessible to everyone including the disabilities, youths and children and women inside the community. We are trying to put the tank up where it’s next to a school or a clinic where the community will have access to it and utilize it and will look after it as well.

“So, this time will be for the community inside Northwest Guadalcanal and it’s a gift from NWGDA and the Australian government for the people of Northwest Guadalcanal.” Mr. Chottu said.

Meanwhile, the 15 communities are, Kusika Community, West Wing Visale, Boro/kai Village, Tanasali Community, Horoubua Community, Pisei Village, New Savo, Doma, Tamboko, Vura, Bonage, Zion Valley, Gibit camp, Ohilola Community and SINU valley.

Chottu adds that first communities began receiving their tanks as of 22nd December 2023.

He said they will continue to distribute to other communities through the new year until all the 15 communities received their tanks.

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