Warrant of arrest for man accused of defiling child


Principal Magistrate Fatima Taeburi has issued a warrant of arrest for a 43-year-old man charged with sexual intercourse with child under 15, a boy aged seven years old.

The matter mention in magistrate court yesterday, where the state prosecutor Monica Rehamora make an application to the court for a warrant of arrest to be issued, because the accused was present on the previous hearing and he fully aware of the date but did not come to court yesterday.

Court suspended the matter to May 31 for review of warrant of arrest.

Prosecution alleged on 1st of August to 31st of December 2020, the victim who alleged to be a seven- year- old (7) boy was sitting at the veranda of the house at Talise, Central Honiara.

At the time the victim mother was doing her laundry outside of the house.

The accused approached the victim and told him to follow him to the bedroom.

When they entered inside the room, the accused closed and locked the door.

The accused then ordered the victim to take off his trousers and he rape the victim private part (anus).

As the result, the victim felt sharp pain in his private part (anus).

He wanted to shout but the accused threatened him with a knife, saying that he will cut off his neck if he shouted.

The victim was afraid of what the accused had threatened him on so, he just follows what the accused told him to do.

As the result of the incident, the victim’s mother noticed several times facial waste strained on the victim trousers.

Also, victim teacher informed the victim mother to clean up the victim.

The mother asks the victim and that’s when the victim disclosed what the accused did to him to his mother.

On 8th of January this year the victim mother together with the victim reported the matter at Central Police Station.

On 3rd of April 2024 the accused was formally arrested after the investigation conducted and he charged.

Office of Director of Public Prosecution act for the crown and Bobby Harunari act for the accused.

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