Walking the talk or taking a walk?

DEAR EDITOR, this is what has transpired over the weeks with our 4billion dollar budget.

It baffles me a lot how politicians here in the Solomons do their daily business and expects the public to just swallow the outcome of their actions.

Better be warned that China town burning can repeat itself.

A strong democracy is where there is stability in all levels of governance, a good opening remarks published in the Island Sun by Hon Manele in the DAP party’s fundraising drive.

What the government has done has been a mockery to what they have been advocating all along.

The Finance minister has rightly spelled out the anticipated revenue collection points and has warned that the forestry sector has stabilised at a very high level.

Not only that but very unsustainable and once not acted upon, the country is to lose a great deal of its natural forest in few years’ time.

Sadly, the newly lodged JICA programme in partnership with the ministry of forestry will be of no good at this current rate of forest depletion.

The SI Finance has further reiterated that the other strong collection points will be fisheries and the Agriculture sector. Where have you injected your 2018 budget? CDF?

Have you gauged your achievements? Please publish quantitative data for the public to see. The PCDF has done that in the paper recently.

Why have you taken the $70m from the Solomon Islands and selfishly increased your share through the CDF?

Is this combating corruption head-on or committing corruption head-on?

Why have we ingested the financial system with all these?

Have we taken some time out to rethink of our actions?

A strong institutionalized fund; is the PCDF, please give back to the people what rightful is theirs.

This is the only successful programme the SIG has ever partnered with – Availing infrastructures in the provincial level to boost your anticipated revenue collection sectors!

A “natural death” to PCDF as pointed out by Malaita premier will be slap on the face of all Solomon Islanders.

The world will witness what next year will be like with PCDF & our current Highest House representatives.

The SIG highest house has been mocking the citizen of this country for too long; a public protest is thus guaranteed – It’s time we exercise our powers – the people’s power.

By Deebonz


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