I walk out a proud person: Sogavare


THE caretaker prime minister says he walks out from the government and as the Prime Minister of the country a proud man.

Speaking during the no-confidence motion in Parliament, the now caretaker prime minister Manasseh Sogavare told parliament that he walks out with his head up because he has done nothing wrong against the government and people Solomon Islands.

“My only mistake is to stand up against corrupt leaders and the vote will continue to entertain corruption.

“I’ve been down this road before with these very men and interestingly these leaders never changed.

“The leaders are the same opportunist who would not have a second thought, jumping on opportunities without caution of their integrity on the line visioning gaining power as the ultimate outcome,” he said.

Sogavare stressed that the reasons that led to the motion are bordered on deliberate lies and misinformation to assassinate the character of the Prime Minister.

He said the motive behind the motion is quite clear and that is for political gain.

“I find it very difficult the reason given by the Leader of Independent, it’s nothing to do with national interest judging by the points he listed.

“We are disappointed that reasons tendered by the opposition are not convincing to support a motion like this.

“Some of the reason are the same reason submitted for the motion in 2007 camouflaged with personal grazes, pretence of good governance and power hunger.”

He said most issues raised by the Leader of Independent are collectively failures of all national leaders and not the Prime Minister’s alone.

Sogavare told parliament that there is nothing wrong with the notion of appointing an aspiring Prime Minister but the manner, timing and other circumstances surrounding the motion questioned the integrity of leaders who are pursuing agenda.

He said he is disappointed that some leaders have allowed themselves to be used as easy prey by the leadership of the group that left the government.

Sogavare strongly emphasised that decision made and reasons in the cost of the motion fall short of the Parliament understanding to vote for the motion.

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