Wale urges Government to avoid political instability

Matthew Wale
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Member of Parliament for Matthew Wale

MEMBER of Parliament for Aoke Langalanga, Matthew Wale encourages the Government to avoid political instability because it is not good for the people of Solomon Islands.

Speaking at motion of special adjournment moved by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare yesterday, Wale encouraged the ministers not to make life of the Prime Minister hard because of the numbers situation.

He said the Prime Minister is always the weak link to make the work of the government done.

Wale said the people require and expect the ministers to perform and the Prime Minister to coordinate and monitor, but it’s a weak link because he needs their numbers.

“Don’t exploit your position of privileged and position of power to weaken government, weaken good of Solomon Islanders, weaken resolve to move country forward where people of Solomon Islands expect,” he said.

Furthermore, Wale urges all 50 MPs to uphold ‘servanthood leadership’ because they are in custody of peoples’ powers to make decisions.

As such, he encourages new MPs to engage and part of decision making of government in national levels.

He said those in caucus and cabinet play initiative role and active role before come to the house.

Wale reminded the MPs that Solomon Islands faces major challenges in health, security, governance, economy and other challengers.

He said it is important Government give hope to Solomon Islanders that the future fills with opportunities and jobs.

“Jobs that pay reasonable income, opportunities that are sustainable especially in our environment.

“Within an economy, cost of living affordable for ordinary Solomon Islanders,” he said.

Wale said it is not good enough for government repeating policies that have failed the country.

He said it is the interest of Solomon Islander that government learn from these experiences.

“I encourage Government to be ambitious for Solomon Islanders,” he said.

Moreover, Wale said members outside of government or backbenches should have access to draft bill.

He said this is important step forward for this Parliament.

“We can propose law, when dealing with law, comes with budgetary implication as well.

“Therefore, we need for resources to consult people on some of the proposals,” he said.

Finally, Wale said there needs to be a reform on the election of the Prime Minister after the recent commotion by the people.

He said having a process more based on political parties taking greater role in it and educating our people to understand it.

Wale claimed the Electoral Act highlights a lot of deficiencies that needs to be improved.

The Parliament will resume on Tuesday, June 4, 2019.