Wale urge malaitans to embrace other citizens

MP for Aoke Langa Langa constituency and Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Hon Matthew Wale during his constituency consultation talk in Auki town yesterday.
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LEADER of Opposition, Matthew Wale has asked Malaitans to embrace other citizens of Solomon Islands, despite decisions made by their leaders under this current government.

Wale made the call in Auki this week for greater unity and friendship and the fact that ordinary citizens are innocent of decisions made by their leaders.

Mr Wale said he finds the hopes and desires of the people of Malaita are just the same as those from other provinces and from the four corners of this country.

“So love and embrace the people of this country. What we are not happy about is done by the government and their decisions.

“But ordinary people of this country, we have the same heart, aspiration and desire,” Wale said.

He said it is not the right attitude to look at certain ordinary people of this country and blame them for the decisions of their leaders.

Wale said only a few people up there are responsible for decisions made, one that people are not happy about.

He said this kind of attitude must not be encouraged and Malaitans must continue to embrace fellow citizens of this country.